Friday, October 27, 2006

The Rich Jerk E-Book Review

This Review is dedicated to the Rich Jerk:

This is not just another get rich quick scheme, there is a reason why he has sold over 1,000,000 copies in the last 1 1/2 yrs.

I bought his book about 9 months ago, and have read it 27 times to date.
His techniques are not simple by any means, none of them are recycled junk that aren't feasible to the normal internet surfer interested in e-business.

The Table of Contents Include:

Creating an Affiliate Site that Sells like Crazy
1) Affiliate Networks
2) Sales Letters
3) Offering Rebates
4) Getting Paid Per Lead
5) Creating Your Affiliate Website

Unique PPC Stategies That Kill Your Competition
1) Pay-Per-Click
2) Google Adsense
3) Google Adwords
4) Building Your Own Traffic Middleman Website

Search Engine Optimization Strategies:
1) Incoming Links
2) Page Content
3) Misc SEO Strategies
4) Cloaking

Selling Your Own Informational Product:
1) Creating Your Product
2) Building Your Website
3) Getting Affiliates to Promote Your Product
4) Emails
5) Legitimacy
6) Miscellaneous

Buying Wholesale and Selling on E-Bay
1) Wholesale Buying Rules
2) Wholesale Supplier List
3) Buyer and Seller Communities
4) Usefule Wholesale Resources

Websites You Can Make Profitable RIGHT NOW
1) Clickbank Websites
2) Examples of Websites that have made me $1 Million Dollars

Supplemental Information for Beginners
1) Creating your own websites
2) Placing affiliate and tracking code on your website
3) All about Affiliate Networks [how they work]
4) Google Adsense
5) Google Adwords
6) Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
7) Search Engine Optimization
8) How to Create and Sell on Clickbank
9) Ebay How To
10) Cloaking for Beginners

Rich Jerk Recommended Products:

He applies affiliate links to these, I offer them for free download on my website:

I don't have master resale rights to his book, however if you already have a website and are looking to really start making some money - without a doubt get his book. If you're not interested in purchasing a book but want to learn more about internet marketing.

I don't sell anything on my website, it's a place for internet entrepreneurs to network.